A girl i know had a new pro camera out and she was trying to take a picture of me but then she didn't so i had that releaved look on my face that she hadn't look a picture and at that moment she did

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Look after the things you've got

Today i faced college even after my mum said how i really didn't have to bother going in and another day off would do me good! So off i went and had a depressing r.s exam which lets face it really isn't inportant and isn't going to get you far in life. I saw my ryan which i haven't seen him in 13 days now and i missed him madly, so that was like the highlight of my day :)
Then after college i went for a delightful strole with chloe and we got some pictures for art which chloe has got some amazing ones, i really hope she does something with photography in 6th form now i've seen how good she is. We went from college then practilly my normal rute home then we went of the cliff and down to the beach where we froze slowly. So then i came home warmed my self home then went to my anuties and saw her, which i don't see often so that was nice to catch up. Then after her been horrified at my split ends she cut then off for me, which now my hair is really short but at least i have got most of my split ends choped off. Relef there :) So after only just getting back from there i haven't had time for any revision so now i'm going to do a bit of revision as some bed time reading :L and then i best at least try and get some sleep as i haven't been sleeping much lately and i cannot have the day off tomorrow as i have exams all day long.
So now i'm sign off for the day, chow!

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