A girl i know had a new pro camera out and she was trying to take a picture of me but then she didn't so i had that releaved look on my face that she hadn't look a picture and at that moment she did

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Things can be harder than first thought

             Probilly not the most apporprate picture but i think its cute.
Today i had  a health and social exam which i'd reviesed hard for and i came to do it and i just found it so hard, it was outragous! There was a question about down's syndrom been horney, well in my notes at the botton of the question i put horney but my actual answer i put sex hormones.
So really i've set myself up for a fail! Well anyway once i got that over and done with i came home as i was sick last night and didn't really feel up for staying at college and having an afternoon with a 2 hour mock exam when i could be at home sleeping and getting better.
 So i came home could get to sleep as there was nosie people on the street so i watched Gino d'acampo cook naked on this morning, because they won a nta last night. i also watched programs such as jeremy kyle whilest most people i know had to sit doing a pretty much pointless exam, bless them my thoughts were with them :L poor lot.
 So anyway i end my day feeling alot better than i started off. But all in all i think i've had a pretty borning day and nothing worth reporting but i have anyway!

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