A girl i know had a new pro camera out and she was trying to take a picture of me but then she didn't so i had that releaved look on my face that she hadn't look a picture and at that moment she did

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

take the day as it comes

Today i had a really boring day as i had the day off college because i'm ill but as i've slept more and the days gone on i've felt a lot better so tomorrow i hope to be there. I'm kind of glad in some respects that i wasn't there today as i had double art and as the years gone on i like it less and less as now a days i seem to have lots the skills to do anything in art.
While i was off today i saw this old lady off my street which just late less week lost her husband and she was getting on with her life as she'd been shopping (which her husband normally does, as she has a false leg) and she was talking to her son and she had a grin on her face. So i'm saying this as it inspired me. I thought even though i wasn't feeling the best i should still get on with it, so i got myself into gear and did the breakfast/morning rush pots and my dinner time pots for my mum as i thought it would be a nice supprise and she would have some extra time that she doesn't normally have. Anyway when she got home she thanked for it and said she my give me some money towards buying a few new clothes for paris, now we'll just have to see she'll stick to her word. Which by the way i can't wait to go to paris, 9th of feb :)


 These pictures are from a few months old now but me and my friend Alice got bord so we did our make up and we took a lot of pictures and we had a pretty good time doing it and got some rather nice pictures with our quick thinking grabing anything we came accross method.

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